Starting problems

Computer will not turn on
• Check if your computer properly connected to the mains socket

· Another situation that may occur is a breakdown in power supply. To see if this component is operating properly check if the fan is working and if the LEDs light up. If it does happen it is likely that the source is broken and needs to be replaced by a new one.

• If he added some new peripheral to your computer make sure everything is connected correctly, as you may have turned you down or cause a short circuit.


The computer connects but will not start
· First make sure you have signal on the monitor, otherwise make sure they are delivered beeps.

• If they are to be issued beeps, count them and see the error table to more quickly diagnose the problem.

• If there are no beeps, make sure all the peripheral cables (IDE cables Hard Drive, CD-Rom, ...) are properly connected.

• Check the contacts of memories.

• If none of this result may be that the motherboard is faulty.

• If you display on your monitor, see if there are any error messages, and see if any error table.

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