Beeps Computer

• 1 short beep
Normal - system is ready to operate under appropriate circumstances.
• 2 short beeps
Error - an error code is displayed on the screen;
-Could not start the computer;

-This problem is caused by a serious failure in any component, that the BIOS was not able to identify the problem is usually on the motherboard or the memory modules.
• Continuous beep, repeated short beeps.
-Power supply,
-System Problem,
• Do not beep.
-Power supply,
-System problems,
-Sound disconnected.
• 1 long beep and two short beeps or one long beep and 3 short beeps.
-Video adapter with the problem.
-Problems with the video card BIOS.
-Resolution: Try removing the card, pass a vinyl eraser on contacts and place it in another slot. Most often this problem is caused by poor contact.
• 1 long beep: Refresh failed (refresh Failure):
-The refresh circuit of the motherboard is faulty.
-Can be caused by damage to the motherboard or faults in the RAM modules.
• 2 long beeps: Parity Error:
-During POST has detected a parity error in RAM.


• 3 long beeps:
-It was detected a serious problem in the first 64K of RAM (Base 64k memory failure)
'Defect in memories or in the motherboard
"Bad touch
-Resolution: Try removing the memory banks and clean the contacts using a rubber vinyl and replacing them with care.
• 4 Long Beeps:
Non-operating-Timer: The Timer 1 is not operational or can not find the RAM.
-This might be the motherboard (most likely) or in memory modules

• 5 beeps:
Processor damaged,
Check if the processor is seated properly (check the socket lever Zif)
• 6 beeps:
-Failed at Gate 20.
The 20-gate is a signal generated by the chip 8042, responsible for putting the processor into protected mode.
-The problem can be
'Processor damaged
'Problems with the 8042 chip located on the motherboard.

• 7 beeps:
-Processor Exception (interrupt error): the processor generates an interrupt.
-Processor has been erratic
-Cause: An unsuccessful overclock
-Resolution: lowering the operating frequency of the processor.
"If it does not you should replace the processor
• 8 Beeps:
-Error memory video card (display memory error).
-Cause: bad contact.
'Remove the video card, pass the rubber contacts and carefully replace the slot.
"If not resolved - probably the video card is damaged.


• 9 Beeps:
Error-in ROM (ROM checksum error).
-Problems with flash memory, which has recorded the BIOS.
-Cause: A physical damage in the BIOS chip, caused:
'By a BIOS upgrade unsuccessful
'By the action of a virus of the family of Chernobyl.
• 10 beeps:
-Failure in CMOS shutdown register (CMOS shutdown register error):
-Cause: a defect in CMOS
"Does a physical change of the chip to the motherboard.

• 11 beeps:
-Problems with the cache (cache memory bad).
- Usually the BIOS can boot the system normally, disabling the cache.
However, this is not very desirable deteriorates system performance.
-Resolution: Login to the Setup and increase the waiting times of cache memory. Sometimes it comes back up normally.

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