Disk problems

Disk Drive not working

• Check the connections of the power of the disc.

• Check the connections of the flat cable.

• Check the jumpers on the disk. It may be to install a disk that is configured as slave to master, or vice versa.

The disc does not start and the message "C: DRIVE FAILURE INSERT BOOT DISK"

· Boot with a boot disk and see if you can read drive C.

· If unable to access the disk, try running the command "SYS C:" from the system disk and boot the system again but this time from the disk.

• If you can not read the disc then it is because it is defective.


Disc only starts with a system disk

• You can have some sector of the damaged disc.

• This problem may have been caused by a virus.

• Check the disk with a virus.


Thermal decompensation

• When the excessive heat (such as produced by a fire or very high temperatures of the computer where the hard disk) means that there is an area of the plates stay reappear, resulting in the loss of the correct reading of the sectors.


Head Crash
· Happens when the heads come into contact with the surface of the plates and damage the magnetic substance, so that one can not access the data.

• To understand the complexity of the problem we need to open the hard drive. NEVER should open a hard drive off a clean room environment, as this would further damage the surface of the dishes, making data recovery even more complex or perhaps impossible.

Symptom of Head Crash:
Crackling noises as if (it is noted that as crackling noises could mean other problems such as damage to heads or preamplifier and do not mean the majority of times there are damage to the surface of the dishes).

Sounds like a grinder when the disk is rotating.

Static Electricity - What can happen in these cases is that the static electricity that is discharged by the heads and small particles of material that makes the reading heads are dropped on the surface of the plates, damaging them.

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